Welcome to  the SISTERS of EDEN!!

We are one of the best SECOND LIFE clubs for Lesbian and Bi girls, and all straight girls are welcome too. All are welcome at EDEN except guys (sorry, and feel free to check out our FAQs)!

EDEN has almost everything, so please, feel free to explore and chat to us. We have friendship, dancing, romance, shopping, fun and a naughty castle, beach, Skinshop and free Photostudio

If you want to dance, join us on the dancefloor, we have events and DJs every night usually from 9am (slt/pdt) onwards until everyone heads to bed… as well as parties throughout the (European) day. We also have  theme events all Saturdays, and our events are constantly expanding, and if there isn’t one running, come along and dance anyway, we are normally around and dancing!

If you like to shop, we have a variety of select shops all run by SISTERS of EDEN, with a selection of high quality things to buy and some freebies for newbies.

Want to look your best? Check out the PhotoStudio  (by taking one of the TP pads to home of EDEN)!

If you want somewhere romantic to take that special girl, take a boat ride round EDEN, or check out our waterfall with slow dances, cuddles and some fantastic views from the top. Its romantic and secluded with more places to explore.

If you are looking for something… hotter… we have our castle. Home to some of our theme events, it also boasts a selection of slow dances,  three bedrooms and a steamy bathroom. All of you are welcome to join us !

Of course, if you have a problem, whether its finding your way around SL, things have got on top of you, or anything, come and ask an Angel, Gatekeeper or Dj here. We are friendly and will try our best to help, or find someone who can!

We are open to all women, lesbian, bi, straight, other, undecided, from all nationalities, races, walks of life, able bodied or not… if you need help in a language, we will try our best and we have a dedicated danceball for wheelchair users. If you think we are missing anything please let us know!

So a final hello and welcome to EDEN. Hope to see you around

~The EDEN Team~

  1. I thinks i found the best Clubs hire by Sl , i stay very long by IMVU and come in by secondlife , my sissy kay say andrea please come hire can you make all from Music over Store make !

    I looks many Clubs i see many , and hire by Club eden is so nice all , very good music , nice peacefull Girls

    i say thanks to can stay in and love the funny times evers !

    Big Kiss to Domi , Sabine thanks to can stay in kiss huggy
    best reg Andrea

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