Sabine666 Kuhn

Sabine is our Owner, our fearless leader, and… when we misbehave… our discipliner! We caught up with her for a few moments to ask her a few questions…

What do you do in EDEN? ….dancing…talking…flirting..and relaxing
What time zone are you in? European time zone (germany)
Which languages do you speak? German…a little bit English
What is your favourite flavour ice cream? Vanille 🙂
What did you want to be when you were a child? always wanted to something with animals…ofc no spiders
What is your favourite thing in EDEN? soo much….my sisters…the open chat…fun
How long have you been in EDEN? very long ……
What is your favourite theme party? love themes i can show my nice cloth :-))
What is your favourite song at the moment? still lady gaga…but have a lot of fav. songs

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